Resort 2012 collection

The interval between severity and abandon is the material and mental space chosen by Manuela Arcari to create the first Ter et Bantine resort collection. The defining elements of her style ” reductionist and raw, concrete and cerebral, pure, subtle” are arranged in new configurations. Edges are softened; surfaces are played up. The design of each piece is neat and geometric; textures and prints introduce a bias, deceptive element. On the background, as a unifying thread, is control: the capacity to do more with less that is a trademark of Ter et Bantine.

The collection is a repertoire of possibilities. Construction stems from a keen study; abstraction is the result of a long editing conducted directly on and around the body. Style becomes an expression of modular feelings: it is made of pieces that are added one to the other, sometimes in unexpected ways. The base is clean: dresses and shirts with a concrete allure are predominant; non-orthodox insertions “flounces and smocks that run here and there” bring a salt of dry romanticism into the discourse. Prints are graphic, assertive, streaked with abstract exoticism: dots in various sizes, abstract motifs, stylized flowers redolent of the East. Textured fabrics add a tactile note.

The color palette is precise, with peaks of deliberate imperfection. White, black, grey and blue are prevalent. Fluorescent spots of pink, green and blue avoid the overall mix to feel too safe or understated. Prints create rhythm.

Materials are compact and pleasant to the touch: smooth poplins and textured cottons.

A vision of femininity as a balance of contradictions.